New CO2 refrigeration unit – The Ecological Revolution

FAS is adapting to the new European standards which provide for a reduction in energy consumption and, in more general terms, a lesser environmental impact. Since March 2021, changes in terms of Ecodesign and Energy Labelling have come into force. Our vending machines comply with energy saving standards since we have always paid great attention to eco-friendly planning. From January 1st 2022, HFC gases, responsible for global warming, will be banned. Years of experimentation have led FAS to be the only vending company that nowadays is able to apply the CO2 technology to its entire range of vending machines. CO2 is a totally natural gas and is normally found on our Planet. Its environmental impact is practically negligible and with the least global warming potential. Non-toxic, it is neither flammable nor explosive! This is why FAS vending machines are the greenest, safest and best performers on the market! They are therefore suitable for those sites where the installation of refrigeration systems charged with flammable fluids is more complex. For the sake of Safety and of the Environment, choose FAS!