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FAS Hot Beverage

FAS coffee dispensers: the coffee break that recharges you

Coffee vending machines: practicality and versatility at your fingertips

The coffee break is sacred for most people. Coffee vending machines are the perfect solution to have a break from the work routine, and specifically coffee vending machines rank first when it comes to convenience and versatility.

Thanks to a coffee vending machine, you can select your favourite beverage from a range of possible alternatives: espresso, caffè macchiato or cappuccino and much more. You will not need to learn opening hours because coffee vending machines are open 24/7 and with a simple touch on the display you can enjoy a ristretto coffee or a long coffee with the amount of sugar you prefer.

The coffee and hot drink vending machines offered by FAS vary in size, design, quantity of cups and palettes contained and technology. Discover them all and choose the one that comes closest to your needs, and if you are undecided contact us for information!

Coffee and Hot Drink Vending Machines: Choose what you want

It seems impossible and yet not everyone likes coffee. This is why coffee vending machines do not just dispense this drink. Fas coffee vending machines also offer a selection of different beverages, turning them into de facto coffee and beverage vending machines. So don’t be afraid if you prefer barley or hot tea to coffee, with Fas coffee and hot beverage vending machines your every wish can be fulfilled.

Coffee vending machine: innovation and technology

Automatic coffee dispensers are the direct evolution of coffee machines. Thanks to advanced technological research and continuous innovation, the automatic coffee vending machine is now a true state-of-the-art machine offering high quality drinks. Fas coffee and beverage vending machines have integrated Wi-fi to access Fas Cloud +, which allows remote operation to carry out operations such as resetting errors, changing prices and updating the interface. Also not to be underestimated is the multi-temperature dispensing that allows you to choose the ideal temperature at which to enjoy your coffee or drink. The Fas Victoria model coffee vending machine is also integrated with Satispay, making payment extremely convenient and immediate, directly from a mobile phone. Coffee vending has never been easier! But a coffee is not enough for the perfect break! Also discover snack and food vending machines or special vending machines by Fas, your trusted coffee vending machine!