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Snack machine: your break from work now has a whole new taste!

Snack vending machines: the right snack to enhance your day

Having a snack vending machine in your company means making different snack options accessible to your employees at all times, meeting their needs and at the same time optimising available space. The corporate environment will certainly have a whole new flavour after the installation of a snack vending machine!

Our beverage and snack vending machines offer a wide selection of delicious products, including sweet or savoury snacks, refreshing drinks and more. Whether you prefer sandwiches, sandwiches, chips, energy bars, crackers or biscuits, our snack vending machines can satisfy your every craving. Thanks to their advanced technology, snack dispensers ensure that everyone can enjoy a tasty snack quickly and, above all, conveniently, without having to leave the workplace.

Snack and drink dispensers: refreshment has never been easier!

For companies wishing to offer a complete food and beverage option, our beverage and snack vending machines are the ideal solution. By combining snacks and beverages in one machine, your employees can satisfy their hunger and thirst with one quick transaction. Not only with coins, our beverage and snack vending machines are Paypal and Satispay enabled, offering the possibility to purchase products conveniently through the use of your mobile phone!

FAS snack vending machines are designed to suit the specific requirements of your business. We offer a variety of set-ups, starting from snack machines with 42 selections up to beverage and snack vending machines with a total of no less than 70 choices available! This will ensure that you find the solution that best suits your corporate catering needs.

Why choose Fas snack and beverage machine?

The reasons for choosing one of our vending machines are truly manifold. Not only does Fas stand for high quality at a competitive price, it is also always at the forefront when it comes to innovation. We are committed to providing reliable and durable products equipped with all the latest technologies.

Starting with Touch Technology, which allows easy and immediate use of the touchscreen display, thanks to a menu with icons and the possibility of connecting to the network via Wi-Fi. Furthermore, Easy Click Technology makes the drawers of the beverage and snack dispensers really easy to reconfigure, without the need for tools and thus speeding up all operations.

Last but certainly not least, the Slide In Slide Out system allows rapid extraction of the one-piece refrigeration unit located at the bottom of the snack dispenser. This way, routine maintenance operations could not be faster!

If you are interested in purchasing snack vending machines for your company, contact us to discover all our models. We are ready to help you create a more welcoming and satisfying corporate environment for all your employees with our snack and beverage vending machines.